When asked about what being an artist means to me, I can colorfully share this answer. For me, being an artist is not a profession or job, although the business of being artistic is how I make my living. Being an artist is more like a state of being. It’s like a big house with lots of rooms. The house has different intensities depending on what part I’m in. The planning is a whirlwind of ideas and activities but the execution is a place my mind can be completely still. I lose track of all time and space. I love being in the zone and being completely present. I love the challenge of thinking I know what I’m doing or where I’m going with a project but then having to give in to the process that leads me to the end. I love the emotions it brings out in me and in others when they see what I’ve created. It’s a love/hate, start/stop process to get to there but completion is a special moment for me.

I am a Gemini with ADD, that is one of the aspects I love about being an artist – no day looks the same. I always work on myself and the mindset I want to carry into the day. Mornings ground me through stretching, mindfulness practice and of course, coffee.

Once I arrive at my studio or the job site, I thrive in the freedom that creates my day, each one a little different from the day before… like sunrises over the beach where I live. Some days are all about the glory, the painting, the designing, and executing finishes or pieces of art. Then other days I, like every business owner, sit down to focus on the drudgery of managing a business. These things we artists find to be at times, an abrasive conflict, an insurmountable confrontation of bills, bookwork, proposals, etc. If only we could simply create.

business and the artist avani studios daytona beach

Without question, the most challenging part of my work as an artist is wearing the hats of creative director, savvy business woman extraordinaire, and family strong mom whose got it all together while remaining true to myself and my passion.

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